On Boss LA's Appointment - Sierra Leone's is the Most Unserious Government Anywhere in the World

By Suhood Komeh, London, UK. February 13, 2024.

Unfairly arrest an adversarial rapper. Outrageously shave his head without his consent.
After his total humiliation, direct a judge you own to jail him for ten years. Under the weight of criticism for lack of humanity, make a juvenile deal with the said rapper, to praise you to the sky for his freedom. Give him a pardon. Then throw the pompous judge who jailed him on your behalf under the bus, by appointing the same man you thought should be locked away less than two years ago, as ‘Peace Ambassador to foster ‘tolerance’.

‘Peace ambassador’ for who? Is Sierra Leone at war?

Sierra Leone's is the most unserious government anywhere in the world.

They exploited minor cultural differences for political purposes. Realising the chasms they deliberately created have made their rogue-reign far more difficult than they anticipated, they’ve promoted the rapper they jailed for intemperate behaviour as a symbol of tolerance, peace and reconciliation.