40 Acres Canada is the people's dream.

40 Acres Canada in Winnipeg, Canada, is a unique and complementary partnership of 40 Acres Productions.

The single-minded focus of 40 Acres Canada has allowed our digital media team to pioneer a range of products and services that have changed the digital, entertainment and fashion landscape of this current era. We provide news to the community as it's happening. Our products and services are unique to the community.

40 Acres has a string of proven record of innovating and pioneering new ideas into neo-digital community and fashion circles, and has quickly become the yardstick against which other businesses/organizations/people are measured.

The key to 40 Acres Canada's success lies with the education, talent, experience and passion of an incredibly dedicated team.

Lans Omar: Nicknamed "The Golden Child", Omar was born and raised in Freetown, Sierra Leone. He moved to Canada in 1999. Omar has been in show business and fashion for over quarter of a century across three continents. His resume still highlights him as the producer of the controversial "Miss Sierra Leone Beauty Pageant (The Gambia) 1998".

By profession, Omar is an accountant, a graduate from CDI Business College in Winnipeg, Canada. He's the co-owner of 40 Acres Canada - a 21st century digital media & fashion business based in Winnipeg, Canada. Renowned BBC broadcaster, Hylton Fyle, once described Omar on national TV as: "people have consider his thinking as very futuristic and at least ten years ahead of our time and he's a lot of things to many people".

As a reporter for Concord Times, Omar has interviewed many celebrities including Shawn Stockman of Boyz II Men, Nigerian actress Liz Benson, Grammy winner Miriam Makeba, Salif Keita, Kora Awards winner Shaka Bundu, Neneh Cherry, David Vandy, M.B Attilla, Kanda Bongoman, Kao Denero, Heyden Adama and Baba Maal, etc.

He's married to Vivian Omar (Pretty Woman) with two beautiful kids: Lans Jr. (Mr. Pliers) and Maryam (Titi Pancake). At home in his quit time, Omar researches the major religions of the world and he's very concerned about the welfare of the dead, resurrection and, of course, judgement day.

The legend continues.

Abdul Suhood Komeh: Komeh is a Sierra Leonean writer based in London, England. Better known as Suhood, he is a former member of the popular Sierra Leone teenage dance crew - The American Tourists (mid 1980 to early 1990).
As well as being an active fundraiser for the Princess Christian Maternity Hospital (Cottage) in Freetown, Sierra Leone, Suhood is an accomplished show producer and one of the brains behind the Community Excellence Awards Show organised by the Afro Arts Production of Sierra Leone in the UK.

He has gained respect as one of a number of cutting-edge commentators on Sierra Leone current affairs, politics and culture.

Komeh is also a chef by profession with over 15 years kitchen experience.

His readers must be warned that his thoughts are way ahead of our current time, and when he puts something into writing, it is not what you’ll normally expect from someone who is non-partisan.

His views are as radical as they come!

Vivian Omar: Omar is not just "the girl next door". She holds a RN from Red River College and a Bachelor of Nursing degree from the University of Manitoba in Winnipeg, Canada.

She a is living testament of the old English proverb that: "behind every successful man, there is a strong woman".

Omar is a quiet girl that was born to an Aboriginal mom and an English dad in Winnipeg, Canada, and has spent most of her life in the province of Manitoba.

She's currently employed with a non-governmental health organization as the "Tribal Diabetes Coordinator" for four northern communities in Canada.

Omar is married to Lans Omar with two beautiful kids; Lans Omar, Jr. and Maryam Omar.

Maurice Aziz Kamara: Kamara has been  with 40 Acres Canada's production team since inception  in 2008.

Kamara writes and commentates on global politics and international relations, but mostly write on his homeland of sierra Leone political affairs.

He started off at university of Manitoba and he then proceeded to Studied Chemical Engineering at Seneca College, Toronto and McMaster university, Hamilton both in the province of Ontario, Canada

He got his interest and passion for writing during his 1st and 2nd years of college where he took international relations and Canadian criminal justice elective courses

He is diehard sport fan and follows football (soccer) and NBA.

Abdul Hassan Fackie: Fackie was born to a Lebanese father and a Sherbro mother in a little village, Mokobo, in the Kagboro Chiefdom, in the Moyamba District, in the Southern Region of the Republic of Sierra Leone.

He is a career Journalist who has practiced Journalism for about thirty four years.

While teaching, he started reporting for The New Shaft Newspaper in 1983, and in 1987 he reported for The Vision Newspaper where he rose to the position of Deputy Editor in 1991. During this period he also corresponded for the West Africa and New African Magazines based in London.

In 1992 he co-founded and edited the Quill Newspaper until 1994.

Abdul Hassan Fackie was appointed Deputy Editor of the Standard Times Newspaper in 1994 where he resigned in in 2002 to co-found and edit the New People Newspaper. In 2009 he was appointed Editor -in-Chief of The Examiner Newspaper up to late 2011.

From 2011 to late 2012 he was Editor of the Africa Young Voices Newspaper. From early 2013 to late 2016 he was Editor of the Sierra Express Media Newspaper.

He is currently Consultant Editor for about five newspapers, the Sierra Eye Magazine, Sierra Leone Correspondent for 40 Acres Canada Newsletter & website.

He is also a Media and Social Analyst who appears frequently on radio and television.

He is also a Researcher, an anti drug abuse campaigner, and a community development worker. He is also a poet, teacher, counselor, actor, playwright, cultural singer and dancer, story teller and motivational speaker.

Abdul Hassan Fackie has a Certificate in Journalism from the London School of Journalism (by correspondence ), a Certificate in Research Methodology and Practice, Certificate in Psycho-Social Counseling, Certificate in Conflict Resolution, Peace Building and Reconciliation, Certificate in Democratic Principles and Practice, and a lot of workshop certificates in drug abuse, sexual and reproductive health, Journalism and Writing Skills, youth issues, stage drama, film script design and development, film production, acting and directing.

Abdul Hassan Fackie has trained and mentored a lot of young men and women in various disciplines who are now scattered all over the world.

He is a widower and has three daughters and grand children. He likes reading, writing, swimming, fishing, telling stories, singing, dancing and discussing issues.