Lans Omar

My story might not be new or unique, but it is an account of someone with an exceptional ambition and energy that is fuelled by passion and confidence, and that has made me the person that I am today - Lans Omar (The Golden Child).

I wanted to be a Graphic Designer for as long as I can remember. To archive that goal I first earned a MicroComputer Business diploma, and eventually returned to college to complete my Accounting designation - both from CDI College in Winnipeg, Canada. It is this training, complemented with more than 15 years of digital media experience that I present to support my expertise in this profession.

Over the past decade, I have branded over 800 graphic arts for businesses, organizations, corporations and individuals across the globe. I design everything from little business cards, flyers, bottlenecks to giants billboards for corporations and rock concerts.

I sincerely enjoy the experience of people imagining something and I create it into a digital artform. Do you need a flyer or a large poster? Contact us...

Please see some of my designs below.....

Lans Omar