President Julius Maada Bio - The Empty Bongo President

By Suhood Komeh, London, UK. April 26, 2024.
And PRESTO: a solution for lack of electricity (and water) in Sierra Leone is finally found. The minister is forced to resign by the ‘genius’-president, to save the ‘genius’-President’s empty bongo.

It’s all a game. President Bio is neither accountable, nor does he take responsibility for anything. Never has a president so successfully isolated himself from failings in a government he put together. That is even though a video is making the rounds of him bragging that every agenda proposal had been met three years ago. But of course, he lives in an alternate reality in which his wildest extravagances are met by the public purse without question.

So why not? Everything good for a few day, it’s him. When they unravel, it’s the guy he appointed in his supreme wisdom.

The idea that the lack of power in the country is somehow because the minister deviated from a President Bio policy that had promise, or was working, makes children out of every single person in the country.

Sierra Leone is not working, period.

The avoided truth is this. Until the institution of Presidency is abandoned, or at the very least, its powers drastically reduced, this cyclical nonsense will continue.

Observe servants of government twist themselves in knots, absolving their supreme leader. Who if only was president in the last six years, instead of Kanja Sesay, ‘Salone for betteh, ma, paopa’. Light for dae. Jokers!

Mate, just pay the electricity bill!

President Julius Maada Bio