Sengepoh Soloman Thomas Elected Speaker of Sierra Leone Parliament

Tolulope Aina, Freetown, Sierra Leone. May 2, 2024.

Former Deputy Speaker of the Parliament of Sierra Leone, Hon. Sengepoh Soloman Thomas has been elected Speaker.

Thomas scored the highest votes (128 votes) after the voting process went into a fourth round on Thursday in Freetown.

The election started with two candidates contesting for the role. The ruling Sierra Leone’s People’s Party (SLPP) nominated Hon. Sengepoh Soloman Thomas while the opposition All People’s Congress (APC) nominated Hon. Daniel Brima Koroma as its candidate for the election of the Speaker.

According to the constitution of Sierra Leone, a two-third majority, constituting 98 votes was required for the winner of the Speakership. However, after three rounds, none of the candidates secured the requirements.

Hon. Sengepoh Soloman Thomas secured 93 votes in the first-round while 52 persons voted for Hon. Daniel Brima Koroma. In the second round, 96 votes went for Hon. Sengepoh Soloman Thomas and 49 votes for Hon. Daniel Brima Koroma while the third round ended with 95 votes and 50 votes respectively.

APC nominee, Hon. Daniel Brima Koroma withdrew after the third round giving room for Hon. Sengepoh Soloman Thomas as the sole candidate in the fourth round.