The Root Behind Dr. Samura Kamara & APC Decision

By John Kalawa, Winnipeg, Canada. October 26, 2023.

I actually support the direction of the APC leaders, not in all cases, but what I don't understand is they are not able to publicly tell supporters the reasons for their actions which can be logically criticized with logical fallacies such as vested interests. However, another school of thought may say that the visit of Bio and the APC team to the USA/UN provided diplomatic or classified recommendations and directions that will minimize the high tensions of political instability in Sierra Leone that has the tendency to create war.

I am John Kalawa, a new resident of Winnipeg, Canada, and I believe in the leadership of the APC especially under Dr. Ernest Koroma and Dr. Samura Kamara.

Dr. Samura is a humble soul that loves the people of Sierra Leone and he has risked his life, I remember during the elections when several bullets were shot at him with the intention to kill him, I was present and I saw the terror that was lashed at the entire APC party. Oh I will never forget that horrific day. I should have lost my own life too because the Bio soldiers targeted me and I have the video to prove it.  Many of the APC comrades were killed and are afraid others are on the run way. These and many other factors made me to come to the conclusion that Dr. Samura Kamara and team cannot sell out the APC.

Honestly, we all wanted the incredible rigged elections to be reconducted but we haven't heard about that. Ninety nine percent of people I spoke to said that the APC's Dr. Samura has been bribed but that is not factual and such assumptions lack proof and we cannot agree that Dr. Samura Kamara will never be the Judas of the APC.

Dr. Samura Kamara's wisdom and leadership we believe in. I am humbling calling on all the grassroots to seek the face of God and believe that very soon God will help Sierra Leone.

We are currently suffering and we have seen the highest consistent inflation and political instability under President Bio.

John Kalawa