SALNAM Launches New Vibrant Community Website 

By Malik Jones, Winnipeg, Canada. March 7, 2024.

The Sierra Leone Nationals Association of Manitoba (SALNAM) has officially launched the first community website under President Mohamed Moe Koroma on Wednesday February 28, 2024 in Winnipeg, Canada.

On the SALNAM Community Whatsapp group, President Mohamed Moe Koroma released a statement announcing the community's most vibrant website will be launched soon and a few days later the website was up and running with active links.
The new SALNAM website's address is

The website currently has six active navigation bars with sub-links. The home page is the website's landing page. The "About us" navigation bar tells you a brief history of the organization plus the organization's mission, philosophy and story. You'll also have to meet the executive members on this link. The "event" link is all about the organization's upcoming events and more. The "Gallery" link showcases all SALNAM's events and activities including pictures and videos. On the fifth link which is the "News" navigation bar, you'll be able to read the entire SALNAM constitution. The "Contact" link is the last link of the website and you can find the official address, email and phone number of SALNAM.

In the coming weeks, a link will be added on the site for community members to be able to pay their monthly dues and contributions.