ROCKCEM - a Game Changer in the Cement Industry

By Abdul Hassan Fackie and  Edward Kabba Sesay, Freetown, Sierra Leone. January 15, 2024.

In a survey conducted by this medium among construction companies and dealers of building materials, they  described ROCKCEM as a big game changer in the cement industry in Sierra Leone.

According to them the coming of the  cement has helped change certain ugly circumstances that had and continue to hinder the production and supply of one of the most needed building components in the country.

They explained that long before now the country was experiencing cement shortages despite the presence of a few  cement companies who couldn't produce enough cement to meet the growing needs of the people.

They further stated that even the intervention of imported cement was unable to stabilize the frequent shortages of cement in the  Sierra Leone market.

With the coming of ROCKCEM Industries, the long standing issue of cement shortages in the market has become a thing of the past as they have the capacity to flood the market with cement to service the building needs of the people.

Dealers in building materials have intimated this medium that customers are demanding for ROCKCEM cement despite the company has just started operations only a  little above a year ago.

Dealers of building materials along the Bai Bureh Road axis powers in eastern Freetown continue to lavish praise on ROCKCEM because of the high quality and enough quantity of the cement that they produce.

"What is special in the  ROCKCEM cement is the fact that an opened  bag of cement from ROCKCEM can stand longer than expected and still remain fit to use which is not so for most other brands of cement which get spoiled if the bag is opened for just one or two days," a senior building contractor explained to us.

He compared the fast  spread and appreciation of the ROCKCEM cement across the country like a bush fire in the harmattan season.

Media Civil Society activists and Government departments have lauded the ROCKCEM because of their concerns for the safety and security of their workers during and after working hours.

"Because of our  concern for our workers and the community safety  that is why we are trying our best to be a compliance industry," a senior  ROCKCEM official told us.

He explained that their workers are well paid and given all necessary safety gears whose use is enforced according to law.

He stated  that they are the leading cement manufacturer in the country and they have provided employment for hundreds of young Sierra Leoneans.