Police Provides Update on Incident Involving Boss LA and Mayor of Kenema

By Aaron Parker, Freetown, Sierra Leone. May 7, 2024.

In a recent report issued by Andrew Mustapha Kamara, the Regional Commander of the Sierra Leone Police in the East, updates were provided regarding an incident allegedly perpetrated by Boss LA and Fans against the Mayor of Kenema City Council and three police officers deployed at Wanjama Checkpoint in Kenema.

The Report Reads;

It was alleged that on Sunday 5th May 2024, at 17:30 hours at Jembeh, along the Bo- Kenema Highway, one Alqassimu Balde, a Guinean by nationality who was in control of a Trailer heading for Kenema was assaulted (beaten) by Alhaji Amadu Lamrana Bah (LAJ) and his fans who were coming from Bo to Kenema “to stage a show” at Kenema City Plaza allegedly accusing him of bad driving.

Incidentally, the Mayor of Kenema City, His Worship Mr. Thomas Baio was also coming from the same direction to Kenema. He saw what transpired and had cause to stop and started advising LAJ and his fans about the manner in which the drive was treated. It was alleged that during the course of that, he (the Mayor) was insulted by LAJ and some of his fans and they also insulted his mother.

It was further alleged that after that encounter, he (the Mayor) drove to Wanjama Checkpoint where he reported that the matter to the Police. When LAJ and his fans arrived at the Checkpoint in the convey of eight vehicles, they were told to stop by the Police. Thereafter, the Mayor started explaining how he was insulted and disrespected by LAJ and his fans.

It was again alleged that during the course of that explanation, LAJ went up to him and held him on the “collar” of his shirt and dragged him from under the steering of his vehicle and assaulted him. Furthermore, it was alleged that himself and his mother were again insulted severally by LAJ and some of his fans. Additionally, it was alleged that three of the said fans entered his vehicle (the Mayor) whilst he (LAJ) was confronting him (the Mayor) and took away valuable items including fourteen (14) pieces of assorted diamonds and the sum of twenty-four thousand, six hundred and ten (Le24,610.00) Leones which were in a small bag.

It was further alleged that the Police Officers at Wanjama Checkpoint interceded to stop the incident, during the course of which three were assaulted by LAJ and some of his fans.

Reports further indicated that one of the three OSD Personnel, PC 21113 Sullay Momodu who was attached to him (LAJ) engaged “corked” his AK47 Rifle in the midst of the crowd at Wanjama Checkpoint.

The Mayor has made reports of assault, robbery, etc. whilst the three Police Officers have made reports of assaults. LAJ and three others have been arrested and are helping in the investigation. The three OSD Personnel are also under investigation for their conducts during the course of the incident.

The report concludes by stating that Kenema Township remains calm and quiet amidst the ongoing investigation