PEE CEE and Sons in Freetown, Sierra Leone - A Success Story in Essential Produce for Consumption

By Edward Kabba Sesay and Chief Abdul Hassan Fackie,
Freetown, Sierra Leone. March 20th, 2024.

Long before now, the cry of many Sierra Leoneans was for an industry that will be producing most of the essential product for consumption using local  materials .

Regardless of the fact that there are other in similar venture using local produce materials, but PEE CEE and SONS happens to stand out among the few manufacturer in the country.

Owing to the fact that PEE CEE and SONS is on record of being one of the major importers of most provisions, frozen foods among others with a proven track record that earn the company quality customers across all district makes their transition from importer to a manufacturer becomes very easy.

As a company, they were able to weather the challenges that associated with setting up a new manufacturing industry simply because the things they had long been trading on as importer are the very things PEE CEE and SONS opted to produce which indicates that they are familiar with the issues affecting the products and how to manage such issues when and as the issues arise.

Many citizens regarded Pee Cee and Sons (PCS) as a trusted partner in business development thereby making them No.1 for all reason.
Taking into consideration PCS down to earth interaction with the public especially marginalizes groups has been regarded as marvelous.
Memories of Pee Cee and Son's PADI family feeding Muslims at the national stadium on pray day coupled with the three (3,000) free bread with a spread of PADI mayonnaise immediately after Salah by PADI on EID day are lasting memory in the minds of those Muslims that were opportune.
In demonstration of concern and care for its business partners, PCS took chicken sellers on a surprise by announcing what they term as a 'Super Offer' on the card for all chicken.

Amidst the growing challenges businesses face, PCS relented not in flying the banner of serving its customers with quality goods and services.
Uniquely, PCS reaches an international stage with all its products in one word 'PADI' that are visible in all shops and supermarkets across the country and the region.

Trade unionists in the country are singling out Pee Cee and Sons as one that has continuously demonstrated incisive enterprenuraial skills that enables PCS to extend its scope of its operations over the years.
Say what you may, PCS has been providing to hundreds of citizens and further contribute huge sum of revenue to governments through taxes.

In justification of PCS dominance in the market among its competitors, they continue to flourish in business while others are encountering bad business climate or on the verge of winning up due to existing challenges in the market.
Attempt to unveil the secret behind PCS successes in business, it was disclosed that the enterprise had fought tooth and nail to master three cogent aspects of business, that is, demand products to sell, the skills to market them and the drive to succeed.Over the years, the enterprise continues it's strive to offer brands that are not only affordable in price but with quality brand.

Known for variety of frozen, chilled, dry food and non dry food products, the enterprise has established itself as a complete business with procurement, import logistics, clearing, warehousing, distribution and final sales sections to the public.

The bold step to change from importer to manufacturer has render other importer less use full as considerable quantity of what is to be imported is already produce in country.

The moves by PCS to venture into the manufacturing deserves a round of applause and also a moves to emulate to enable the nation move away from a highly dependent nation to a productive nation that will increase the country foreign earning and by extension improve on the gross domestic products of the country in a not too distant future.