Parliament Praises Pee Cee and Sons and Jolaks  for Quality Products

By Abdul Hassan Fackie, Freetown, Sierra Leone. June 10, 2024.

One of the biggest manufacturing companies in Sierra Leone, Pee Cee and Sons/Jolaks has been hailed and recognized by the Sierra Leone House of Parliament for quality products and their good working relationship with the public.

Speaking at the jam-packed wall of Parliament at a recent debate, Chairperson for the Parliamentary Oversight Committee on Trade, Honorable Veronica K. Sesay described the House Parliament as the place where manufacturers should send their products, noting that when Pee Cee and Sons started Jolaks Manufacturing Company, Members of Parliament visited their production site, where law makers encouraged Pee Cee and Sons to do more for the good of the country.

The legislator pointed out that Pee Cee and Sons sent their first oil product in Parliament and Members of Parliament were very pleased with the management for their commitment in the area of addressing food security in the country.

Madam Sesay further discussed that Members of Parliament contributed to showcase Pee Cee and Sons products to the public through fruitful deliberations.

However, parliamentarians encouraged other investors to emulate the good work of  Pee Cee and Sons and Jolaks in terms of maintaining quality in the production of different food items and oil.