Concerned Sierra Leoneans Join Global Solidarity on November 4th to Support Palestine

By Julius Mustapha Harding, Freetown, Sierra Leone. November 3, 2023.

A group of concerned Sierra Leoneans are firmly standing alongside the people of Palestine and have planned a solidarity event on November 4th to join the international community in a resounding call to end the enduring strife faced by the Palestinian population.

They are also inviting all concerned citizens to gather at Istanbul Restaurant on Lumley Beach Road at 5 pm.

Their decision to support and raise awareness for Palestine comes in response to the profound suffering endured by the Palestinian people, characterized by ongoing violence, forced displacement, and enduring sieges.

The ongoing suffering, intensified by unprecedented levels of distress, has brought focus to the plight of innocent lives, particularly the thousands of children affected by the unending turmoil. A group of Sierra Leoneans refuses to stand idle in the face of such tragic loss and relentless assaults on Gaza, acknowledging that there can be no justification for the continued daily attacks and devastation.

The call for action and unity is emphasized through the advocacy for the use of #SaloneStandsWithPalestine on various social media platforms. This initiative seeks to express unwavering support for the Palestinian cause, while also aiming to raise awareness and spark meaningful conversations on the global stage.

The collective push for solidarity on November 4th signifies a coordinated effort to shed light on the urgent need for a peaceful resolution, advocating for the end of violence and the establishment of a secure and stable environment for the Palestinian people. Through the use of the designated hashtag, Sierra Leoneans and individuals worldwide are encouraged to show their support, standing shoulder to shoulder with Palestine in a demonstration of unwavering solidarity during these tumultuous times.