New Book:  "The Talking Kapok Tree and Other Short Stories" by Melvin Sharty and Juliet Rogers 

Freetown, Sierra Leone, January 15, 2024
A New Anthology Celebrates Girls' Power and Sierra Leone's Rich Traditions

SIPC Books has recently released a groundbreaking anthology of four short stories titled "The Talking Kapok Tree and Other Short Stories," authored by Melvin Sharty and Juliet Rogers. This literary collection, published in a single volume, shines a spotlight on the strength and potential of four young girls. It marks a significant milestone as the first ever anthology by a Sierra Leonean author to feature four stories focused solely on female protagonists.

Simple Yet Profound

Melvin and Juliet's writing style is both simple and profound, making their stories accessible and enjoyable for readers of all ages. They aim to entertain, inform, and educate not only Sierra Leoneans but also the world about the beauty and complexities of their country's culture and traditions.

Environmentalism, Climate Change, and More

Using imagery, folklore, objects, places, history, science, and the arts, the authors weave together narratives that address crucial issues facing the world today, including environmentalism, climate change, peace, and unity.

The Compelling Stories

The book features four captivating stories, each with its own unique message:

“The Talking Kapok Tree,” by Melvin Sharty: This story takes readers on a journey with a young girl named Kadi from Kissi Tongi, who dreams of seeing the Kapok tree in Freetown. The tree's ability to speak sparks Kadi's passion for environmental conservation, inspiring her to advocate for its preservation.

“The Rejected Pride That Came Back,” by Juliet Rogers: This story explores the coexistence of traditional beliefs and scientific progress. Jabu, a young girl with a love for herbs, faces obstacles in accessing formal education due to prevailing myths and customs. The narrative showcases a world where friendship, the pursuit of education, and determination lead to scientific breakthroughs for Jabu and her community. 

“Fema's Jollof Rice,” by Melvin Sharty: This story celebrates the beloved West African dish through the resilience of young Fema. The story highlights Fema's strength and character, offering a heartwarming celebration of cultural flavours.

“Paradise of Five Kingdoms,” by Juliet Rogers: This story invites readers to contemplate the importance of a unified Africa through the vision of a young girl. This compelling narrative encourages readers to envision a future where African nations stand together.

The Authors and their Backgrounds

Melvin Sharty's debut novel, "A Gift for Failure," was published by the Sierra Leone Writers Series (SLWS). He holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from Fourah Bay College and a Master of Global Affairs degree from the University of Notre Dame. 

Juliet Rogers, a public health professional, brings expertise in research, storytelling, and environmental advocacy to the table. She founded Stories That Inspire Planetary Consciousness (SIPC), an organisation harnessing the power of storytelling to raise awareness and promote action on global issues.

Praise from Renowned Voices

"The Talking Kapok Tree and Other Short Stories" has garnered praise from Sierra Leone's literary community, with renowned storyteller Usifu Jalloh commending the book's cultural references and educational value for young readers. Haleemah Ahmad, a respected editor, lauded the authors for weaving themes of environmentalism, peace, and unity into "an easy-to-read narrative that can be enjoyed by the young and old."


"The Talking Kapok Tree and Other Short Stories" has already received rave reviews from readers and critics alike:

Afro Arts Gallery Magazine: "A must-read for children. A captivating exploration of environmental protection, food culture, and scientific progress, all woven through the rich tapestry of African identity."

Carol Kra: "The stories certainly inspire me to want to read more."

Mariama S Dampha: "I must say, this is indeed a work of art and looks so insightful."

Amanda De Souza: "This concept is original and unique. I feel young girls and parents, or school-going kids would relate to this very well."

Sasha Nikirov: "It sends a good message to those who care to listen."

Where to Purchase the Book?

The book is now available for purchase in Freetown at CLC Bookstore (92 Circular Road) and online at

We also offer free delivery within Freetown. Contact +23279813783 to place your order.


Grab your copy today and be inspired by the stories of four young girls who are making a difference in their communities.