Canada - My New Life - My New Home in Winnipeg, Canada

By John Kalawa, Winnipeg, Canada. November 3, 2023.

Canada - home for all-an attitude of adaptability, intrinsic motivation and determination.

In September 2023, I decided to relocate in Canada with a motive of acquiring quality and rich education.

Canada is a nation that is full of tolerance, diversity, love, the rule of law, respect etc. What makes Canada a great country for international student and immigrants is the welcoming spirit of Canadians which is loving and respect for all. The Canadians will say "sorry" even if they are right, they love and welcome new comers and this is something worth telling the world about.

The federal, provincial and municipality government of Canada should be credited and it worth celebrating, because we can make the world a better place when we love each other. My recent experience in Canada is great and Canada is a home for investment because the Canadian government and citizens values all.

Indeed a home is a place of love and Canadians are indeed love for all. Adaptability in Canada has been so easy for me because I feel like home, because I am surrounded by lecturers who are caring . Bravo to the University of Winnipeg.

Others outside of Canada may say the weather is very bad but I found it adaptable due to the care and love of the Canadians. There may be challenges with weather or other factors but the love and respect from Canadians has helped me to quickly adapt. This has helped built my intrinsic motivation and determination to achieve my goals. Thanks to the IRCC, the  federal government, the Manitoba providence /Winnipeg City and all Canadians

John kalawa