Morlai "Morlicools" Bangura Passes Away in Freetown 

By Lans Omar, Winnipeg, Canada. December 29, 2023.

Former member of the Slippery Whispers and the Great American Tourists dancing groups, Akmid Morlai Bangura aka Morlicools, has passed away on Thursday December 28, 2023 in Freetown, Sierra Leone.

Family members in Freetown have confirmed that the late Bangura was sick for a brief moment and was admitted at the 34 Military Hospital in Freetown where he eventually answered to the call of the Lord.

Bangura would be remembered as a cool and loving person who got along with people around him.

Bangura started dancing in the 80s right up to the early 90s with the Mini-Whispers together with his older brother Fenty and afterwards progressed to the Whispers. He later joined the Great American Tourists.

The late man will be given a befitting military funeral by the Republic of Sierra Leone Armed Forces and funeral arrangements will be announced later.

He's survived by his wife Mrs. Jane Bangura, his only child Hassan Bangura and his paternal and maternal family members. 

Rest on the real soldier Morlicools!