We Are Not Learning

By Maurice Kamara (The Messenger), Toronto, Canada. January 20th, 2024.

We Are Not Learning.

“We learn from history That we do not learn from history.” (Friedrich Hegel). This quote cannot be any truer when applied to our country Sierra Leone. In Sierra Leone what should have been “Never again” has become Again and Again and Again. 

We have learned this lesson repeatedly and still have not learned from history. Our country is in a Rut of repetition. What is this lesson we have not learn you ask? I talked about this before but let me remind you. It is the lesson that we Sierra Leoneans have consistently and continuously turned our country like a ship with a faulty radar system that cannot see an iceberg in plain view and the captains (past & present) we entrusted the ship are also blind. It is a precarious situation where the outcome is a predicament that is larger than that of the Titanic. 

As a nation, we Sierra Leoneans seem to become less intelligent as time progress. We have educated people, but here is the thing, much learning does not teach you understanding, we must move away from fairytale stuff and be realistic. You can only learn from history when you need to be willing to be brave and honest about going forward. We learn from history to make a logical prediction of what may happen again due to the evidence of the predictability of human behavior. 

Sierra Leoneans are not smart enough to push through reforms in our country. And this is compounded by the corruption of our nation that comes from Greed, Power, Gluttony, Envy, Wrath, Sloth, and Pride keeps our country in a disgusting narcissistic place of no return. 

The one with the most toys win even though I cannot take them with me, an era of excess driven by the pursuit of having it all…. Case in point, Did Ernest Koroma take with him to Nigeria all those lavish mansions and properties he acquired through fraudulent means and embezzlement from our state treasury? (I will write more about Ernest next few days). 

We Sierra Leoneans have discredit ourselves tremendously. Until we learn the lessons from our history, then we are stuck in our current state of dystopia. We should not continue in a path of consistently electing people who have disdain for our Constitution and Laws. We should stop electing people who lack shreds of human decency, humility, or caring. We should stop electing people who are morally bankrupt, breathtakingly dishonest. 

We should stop electing people who are lethally incompetent and stunningly ignorant of virtually anything related to governing. 

Those we have in opposition parties are feeble minded, fragile, they have no shared vision and structured plan for our country. They are contemptible and shameful. Until we learn from our history, our country is going to be in this brutal and relentless cycle of Dystopia. 

In Sierra Leone, As above so below As within so without. The great Bob Marley puts it nicely “In the abundance of water the pool is thirsty, Rat race.” 

Yours Truly (The Messenger) Maurice Kamara Just passing along the message and overwhelming thoughts of the Patriotic loving citizens of Sierra Leone.

Maurice Kamara (The Messenger)