Marian Taqi's Fabulous 50th Birthday Bash was an Explosion in Winnipeg

By Malik Jones, Winnipeg, Canada. January 2, 2024.

It was Marian "Mummy" Taqi's fabulous 50th birthday bash in Winnipeg, Canada.

It was an all-white suit with a black bow tie for the gentlemen and the ladies were all beautifully dressed in long evening gowns honouring the "Queen" herself who simply goes by Marian Tarque (you can pronounce that Taqi).

The birthday bash was the bomb with guests storming Winnipeg, Canada, from all across Canada, US, and everywhere.

The MC for the night had to be flown in from the US to grace the occasion.

It was a beautiful Saturday evening, June 29, 2024, at the prestigious Caboto Event Centre, 1055 Wilkes Avenue, Winnipeg, MB.

Marian Taqi majestically entered the packed event centre with DJs Brian and AbdulRahman playing the welcome song while the ladies just flocked with the birthday girl right to the high table.

The centre of entertainment attraction was a belly dancer from the Caboto Italian community who entertained the audience with spectacular performances.

Now, the speeches - Marian Taqi recalled her early days in Sierra Leone and also recounted her days when she first came to Canada. Other relatives took to the podium and beautifully painted the woman, the birthday celebrate, the mother, the sister, the aunty and the friend called Mariam Taqi.

Thereafter, the recognitions - Marian Taqi recognized friends and family members who have been by her side throughout her journey in Canada. She acknowledged each and everyone with a short description of what this person had done for her and awarded each with a flower.

And then, the food - it was a deliciously yummy Italian-style dinner served with chicken, roast beef, veggies, salads and a taste of Marian Taqi's own homemade pepper sauce. Each guest enjoyed drinks at the open bar.

The night was locked down with the cutting of the cake and the two DJs were playing good music and everyone was swept off their feet into the dance floor.