Emotional Home Going for Mama Phebian Fudia Paul in Winnipeg

By Daniel Oldfield, Edmonton, Canada. May 17, 2024.

The SALNAM Executive joined family and friends to celebrate the life of the late Mama Phebian Fudia Paul who was laid to rest Friday, May 17, 2024, in Winnipeg MB. Canada.

The mortal remains of the late Mrs Phebian Fudia Paul were laid to rest in Winnipeg MB. Canada, after a BEFITTING FAREWELL MEMORIAL SERVICE.

Despite departing this life at an enviable age of 79, there were emotional scenes/ messages at the viewing/burial, through the memorial service to celebrate a life well spent at the Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witnesses at 930 Pandora Ave, West, Winnipeg.

Two of the grandchildren, daughters of Mrs Nasrallah, read scripture verses, while their dad, one of the sons-in-law of popular DJ Alie Nasrallah, moved the closing courtesies.

During when he thanked Jehovah, for the life well spent by Mama Paul, while thanking the executive/entire membership of SALNAM, Winnipeg, MB, Canada, and all those who in diverse ways supported the families during their loss.

The other son-in-law, Mr. Samuel James Decker, once reputable Accountant back home in Sierra Leone.

During a telephone chat earlier with this forum, the children from the eldest Mrs Rosaline Decker, only brother Mr Martin Paul, Mrs Theresa Dauda, Mrs Katherine Nasrallah, and the youngest Beatrice Paul, fought back tears, as they remembered the virtues of their late mom.

They pinpointed her dedicated services towards their strict religious upbringing/education from back in Sierra Leone, leading to their migration to Canada.

Many family friends including two Media colleagues, David Mahdi Koroma (former Preso of SALNAM and formerly of STANDARD TIMES) and the Charismatic Lans Omar, CEO of 4O ACRES Magazine, Winnipeg, and CONCORD TIMES featured prominently at the funeral.

Death indeed is INEVITABLE; WHEN-WHERE-HOW REMAINS WITH OUR ALMIGHTY GOD, may the gentle soul of Mama Paul and those of the faithful departed continue to RIP.

Fare thee well Mama, also feeling very sad, Chairman DANIEL OLDFIELD'S CORNER (Veteran Journalist/Broadcaste, Edmonton, AB., Canada) family friend.