MACCEM Industry to Open Second Cement Plant at Hastings

By Abdul Hassan Fackie, Freetown, Sierra Leone, October 19, 2023.
The Managing Director of  Mackie Group, Romanian business magnate, Mr.  Ahmed Mackie, is in the advanced stages of constructing a new cement factory.

This ambitious project has already created thousands of sustainable job opportunities for unemployed young people in the Hastings community and the broader Western Area Rural District.

In an exclusive interview with 40 Acres Canada, Mr. Ahmed Mackie stated  that the second cement factory plant is set to open its doors on November 1, 2023, with the aim of supplying the  provinces with affordable cement and improving access to this essential commodity in Sierra Leone's rural communities.

Notably, even before the completion of the modern cement factory, Mr. Mackie had already created thousands of technical and casual jobs for the local rural community.
He revealed that the company has already recruited over one thousand workers who will undergo training to operate the factory.

He also disclosed that the  factory is projected to have a daily production capacity of fifty thousand bags of  cement for distribution across the nation, with a specific focus on provincial areas.

People in Hastings stated that this reporter spoke with heaped  praises on the  Mackie Group's substantial investment and expressed hope that Sierra Leone would transition from being a cement importer to an exporter. They were elated at the potential of this investment to generate thousands of direct and indirect job opportunities for the young people of Hastings and other parts of the country.

They  applauded MACCEM not only for the ongoing construction of the multi-million-Dollar investment but also for the transformative efforts to turn the entire Hastings community into a thriving economic zone, with the potential to enhance the financial well-being of its residents.

Of significant note is the commitment of MACCEM Industries SL Limited to implement modern technology to enhance worker safety as all workers will be required to wear protective gear to prevent any potential risks while on duty.

Mr. Ahmed Mackie is held in high esteem among his employees for fostering a positive working relationship and ensuring compliance with labor requirements. The Hastings Community's landowners and stakeholders are appreciative of MACCEM's contributions and are encouraging more investors to follow Mackie's example, with the goal of creating sustainable employment and fostering development in the community, which had previously lagged behind in terms of infrastructure, as it underscores the importance of investing in local industries to drive economic growth and enhance the livelihoods of the country's citizens.

Mr. Ahmed Mackie