Sierra Leone Police Arrests Lawyer Joy Precious Bayoh for Replying to President Bio's Tweet 

By Suhood Komeh, London, UK. June 20, 2024

Sierra Leone is not a serious country. A (woman) young lawyer, Joy Presious Bayoh, responded to a tweet by the ‘president’ of the whole country; the head of government who is also commander in chief of the armed forces and blah, blah, blah of Sierra Leone. For that, she was arrested and thrown in a filthy cell for Cyber Stalking and Bullying of the ‘President’. How brittle and ridiculous?

A fucking reply-tweet(!), is deemed so eroding of the president’s pomp, an ambitious citizen now needs to find people connected to the same president and his wife, to beg for her release, in her own fucking country. And ironically, this victim here is a lawyer but the law does not work in Sierra Leone, you see. It’s the presidency.

What a country!

Those who ‘run’ Sierra Leone are completely without shame, and talentless. All of them, including the rotten opposition. Nobody represents the people. Parliamentarians craft these nonsensical proscriptions, at the wanton behest of ‘government’, just to bludgeon people to submission.

Who is insane enough to think an African president can be bullied? But of course, those around the presidency and government are so comfortable with these disgraceful abuses, they cannot envision the same tactics ever being used against them or those closest to them - SLPP government forever!

Rastas: If the president (or any other politician) is so sensitive to his bullshit being called out, not only should he not tweet, but save his rhetoric for his foolish fans and breathe-in all of the infantile adulation they emit at every juvenile utterance.

On June 11, 2024, President Bio shared a tweet reaffirming Tuma Adama Jabbie’s position as the President of the Sierra Leone Bar Association.

In response to the president's tweet, Lawyer Joy Precious Bayoh replied: “Sir even you yone legitimacy highly questionable. Tuma ein yone sef questionable. So just inform the public what you received is a number of lawyers. Tuma does not represent the Bar Association Executive.”

Lawyer Joy Precious Bayoh