Police Arrests Drug Kingpin Mama G. with Over 100 Wraps of Kush & Cannabis Sativa

By Osman Koroma, Freetown, Sierra Leone. April 10, 2024.

48-year-old Mummy Rugiatu Conteh alias Mama G. (pictured) of 18 Moa Wharf, back of Guard Street in the East End of Freetown has been arrested during a raid on drug dealers by the Operations Officer of the Harbour Police Division.

Police confiscated 100 wraps of the dangerous synthetic drug Kush, three pharmaceutical sachets containing the substance, 36 wraps of cannabis sativa, and various tools used in drug processing.

Kush, a blend of highly addictive and psychoactive substances, has become a national crisis. President Bio declared it a “death trap” and an “existential threat” to the nation’s youth. The drug’s disturbing ingredients, with rumors of human bones included, have led to increased security measures in cemeteries.

The devastating effects of Kush are readily visible. Groups of young men, their limbs swollen from abuse, are a common sight on street corners. Law enforcement has prioritized the fight against this epidemic, with recent arrests targeting manufacturers and distributors.

While an official death toll remains unavailable, a doctor grimly estimated “hundreds of young men” have succumbed to Kush-induced organ failure in the capital alone. Beyond the physical toll, the drug wreaks havoc on mental health. The Sierra Leone Psychiatric Hospital reports a staggering 4,000% increase in Kush-related admissions between 2020 and 2023.

President Bio addressed the nation on Thursday, highlighting the drug’s threat to the country’s future. His call to action spurred police stations nationwide to intensify their efforts against Kush, culminating in Mama G.’s arrest.

“We will never relent in pursuing drug dealers,” declared Inspector Alpha Umaru Jalloh, Operation Officer of the Harbour Police Division. “The community’s support has been commendable.” This sentiment reflects widespread public approval of the ongoing crackdown.

Mama G. currently remains in police custody along with the seized narcotics. Her arrest represents a significant step in the fight against the devastating scourge of Kush in Sierra Leone.

Mama G