Isha Johansen Accepts Awards on Behalf of FIFA Secretary and Ex-Liberian President

By Julius Mustapha Harding, Freetown, Sierra Leone. November 29, 2023

Isha Johansen, the former president of the Sierra Leone Football Association (SLFA) and currently a member of FIFA and CAF Executive Committees, exhibited her influential presence at the African Sports Awards held in Cairo, Egypt. Johansen received accolades on behalf of the FIFA Secretary and Former Liberian President during the event.

The prestigious event aimed to recognize and celebrate excellence in sports across the African continent, bringing together influential figures over the weekend.

Johansen’s prominence was underscored as she graciously accepted two significant awards on behalf of distinguished personalities. First, she received the UCSA African Sports Award for the Best Female Sports Personality in Africa, an honor originally designated for FIFA’s Secretary General, Madam Fatma Samoura. Johansen’s acceptance of the award symbolized not only her individual achievements but also the collective recognition of women’s contributions to the world of sports.

Furthermore, Johansen stepped onto the stage to receive the Outstanding All Time Performance Award on behalf of former Liberian President George Opong Weah.

This recognition not only acknowledged Weah’s historical impact on the sporting landscape but also highlighted Johansen’s role as a bridge between football governance and the broader sphere of African leadership.

The award ceremony served as a gathering of changemakers in sports, providing a platform for acknowledging those who have left an indelible mark on the continent’s athletic landscape. Isha Johansen’s presence at the event exemplified her ongoing commitment to advancing the cause of football governance and promoting diversity and inclusivity within the sporting realm.

As the audience in Cairo applauded the honorees, Johansen’s dual role as an advocate for gender equality and a representative of football’s global leadership was unmistakable.

Her acceptance of awards meant for other influential figures reflected not only her personal achievements but also the interconnectedness of the football community, where recognition and accolades are shared and celebrated collectively.

Isha Johansen receives awards for George Weah