First Lady Fatima Maada Bio Joins the Entertainment Industry in the Appeal for the Release of Rapper LAJ

By Daniel Oldfield, Edmonton, Canada. December 22, 2023.

The Sierra Leone entertainment industry, led by Chairperson, the Nation's First Lady Fatima Maada Bio, Ambassador Kao Denero and other notable performing artists appealed to President Maada Bio for a Yulitide pardon.

The appeal is for the Presidential Pardon of popular RAP musician Alhaji Amadu Bah aka LAJ who is currently in Prison.

Recently, after the notorious November 26, 2O23 prison breakout, LAJ was among some 2000 inmates who were forced out.

However, the rapper did the honorable thing called and met his lawyer Saffa Abdulai and informed the authorities of his whereabouts, after which he turned himself in into prison.

This singular Patriotic gesture may have motivated the entertainment industry to galvanise themselves, and reached out to the First Lady who led them to President Julius Maada Bio, to ask for his pardon for LAJ.

I was personally moved having read a lot in the past of the rivalry between LAJ and Ambassador Kao Denero, yet he led the group to call for his Freedom.

Further, I was moved to see female musicians including Vida Greene, who had been seriously ill, now back on her feet begging for the release of the rapper.

The ball is now with His Excellency the President to follow up with their visit, which had his wife among the entertainment industry members to step in the right direction.

Sierra Leoneans are waiting for the Mr. President to release a statement on that.

First Lady Fatima Bio