Fantacee Wiz Management Reacts to Threats Targeting The Well-Being of Her Family

By Morlai Ibrahim Kamara, Freetown, Sierra Leone. September 24, 2023.

On 23rd September, the management team of renowned Sierra Leonean artist, Fantacee Wiz, released a public statement concerning a worrying event where the artist’s mother’s home was unlawfully entered and pictures of a minor and an elderly individual were taken without permission.

The person behind these actions was identified as Henvan Mohamed Kargbo, who uses the aliases Henvanero Leovirus and Henvan Medlenero Karbgo on Facebook. The team revealed that on 19th September 2023, Kargbo posted threats to the life of Fantacee Wiz and her family on her official Facebook page.

Matters took a turn for the worse on 20th September, when Kargbo is said to have deceitfully gained access to the artist’s mother’s home. He then allegedly took photos of Fantacee Wiz’s young niece and her grandmother, later sharing these images on social media platforms with accompanying threats – an act considered illegal in Sierra Leone.

While deeply disturbed by these events, Fantacee Wiz’s management expressed trust in Sierra Leone’s legal system and appealed for public restraint, emphasizing that the law exists to safeguard its citizens and dispense justice.

Conveying appreciation for the continued support of Fantacee Wiz’s followers during these trying times, the management was firm in their stance. If any harm comes to their family, Kargbo will be held accountable.

Believing in the legal channels to address their concerns, they advocate for a just and peaceful resolution, always prioritizing the safety of Fantacee Wiz and her family.

Fantacee Wiz