Sierra Leoneans Hail MACCEM Industry  in Freetown

By Abdul Hassan Fackie, Freetown, Sierra Leone. October 3, 2023
People living in the Bai Bureh Road, Ferry Junction, Up Gun, PWD, Mamba Ridge, Culvert communities and their environs continue to  lavish praise and appreciation  on the Chief Executive Officer ((CEO) of the Mackie Cement, (MACCEM) Mr. Ahmed Mackie for what they refer to as his good works in their communities.

Talking to these Reporters in an exclusive interview, they stated that the company has employed hundreds of the young men in the communities which has positively impacted on their lives. They also disclosed that MACCEM undertakes its contributions to it corporate social responsibilities which have seen a lot of people in the communities benefiting from them.

Describing MACCEM as a God sent company in their midst as well as in the country as a whole, they called on the government to continue to give it the support and security that it needs so that it can do more.

Hundreds of customers that we surveyed for this article also lavished praises and appreciation on the company enjoyed praises from because of what they described as their reasonable costs of their high quality cement and their humanitarian customer care.

An official of the company we spoke to 40 Acres Canada in Freetown stated that they have an open door policy for all government stakeholders and citizens who might want to know about their operations, as well as they are always ready to receive complaints from customers and residents which he said they always respond to and address.

He stated that it is very unfortunate that some media houses write bad things about the company without meeting them to get their own side, pointing out that such negative stories are only meant to create mischief as they are always baseless, unfounded and a ploy to blackmail them which they will not encourage.

He stressed that they have nothing to hide and their doors are always open for Journalists to cross check their allegations before publishing them. He revealed that they they pay very good salaries and allowances to their workers, pay their National Social Security and Insurance Trust (NASSIT) contributions, give them all the necessary safety gears they need to do their work, promptly get them treated by Medical Doctors in the event of accidents or when they fall sick.

He maintained that they are the leading cement importers and sellers and they have supply outlets in most cities and big towns in the country.

He revealed that they pay their taxes to government and noted that they are partners with the government and people of Sierra Leone to build Sierra Leone.

Mr. Ahmed Mackie enthused that because of their good work and impeccable reputation, they have received a lot of commendations and awards from both government, none governmental organisations and individuals and they continue to receive commendations and awards.