Chairman Daniel Oldfield Launches New Social Media Podcast in Edmonton

April 24, 2024. Edmonton, Canada.

Ladies and gentlemen and children all, the long awaited video podcast of your's truly Chairman Daniel Oldfield's Corner (the virtual community platform) has been officially launched in Edmonton, Canada.

In collaboration with Medanne Production, the podcast will soon be launched here in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

Come first week in May 2024, the podcast will be interviewing and bringing out the stories/experiences of everday people from across the board on diverse topics.

For far too long our stories aren't being told, as such it's now time for someone to step up and connect with people of different backgrounds to tell us their stories.

Chairman Daniel Oldfield's corner in collaboration with Medanne Production is poised to do just that.

Your role will be to comment, like and share and above all be part of the podcast.