Aliko Dangote Complains About Visas to Rwandan President Paul Kagame

By Suhood Komeh, London, UK. May 23, 2024.

Nigerian businessman and Africa’s richest person, Aliko Dangote, complained to Rwandan President, Paul Kagame:

Dangote said: "Mr President, I need 35 visas to travel within Africa. I don’t have time to be visiting embassies for visas as a person who wants to make Africa great".

While at a press conference, Dangote also made reference to a French gentleman that sat next to him that his passport is of higher value, less restricted in Africa against his Nigerian document.

Rastas: no African, of any race or heritage, should need a visa or residential licenses within Africa.

Also, Rastas: where there is a politics of a wider sense of cultural scope, and progressive, the African diaspora - the real one - ie Caribbean, north and South Americans, should be made welcome home, no ifs, no buts.

Brazil for example, has the largest population of people of African descent outside the continent. Like all the other groups, they were violently uprooted from Africa, against their will. And, some of our ancestors participated in that crime too. The least we could do in the 21st century is give Africans of all shades, the freedom to return, locate, move or visit anywhere within the source.

Last week, for his 74th Birthday, the African-American superstar, Stevie Wonder was officially ordained a citizen of Ghana. And why not?

Not insignificant to mention, Rwanda, Kenya and others are visa-free for Africans. It doesn’t hurt it at all.

Let’s do it. (See the EU).

Aliko Dangote