Behind the Scenes with Lans Omar - October 7, 2023.

Hello everyone!  

From Winnipeg, Canada, respect to all my fam, fans, and friends!

The weekend vibes are here – Simithy Mansaray charged with child abduction in Hamilton, SALNAM announces dates for the annual general meeting, kids Christmas party and annual end of year dinner and dance, Adebayor blasts Samura Kamara’s mom, SALNAM/200 Kenny Street in the question of the day, plus lots more. You're about to read another bone-cracking edition of “Behind the Scenes". This column is the radical thoughts of one guy called Lans Omar aka the “Golden Child” - born and raised in Freetown, Sierra Leone.

Let's do this: On Monday October 2, 2023, major news outlets including CTV Toronto, The Hamilton Spectator and The Global News, etc., breaking news in the province of Ontario and across Canada that Hamilton police has released the photo of a woman arrested and charged in connected with an attempted child abduction over the weekend in the city of Hamilton – the name of the suspect released was Simithy Mansaray of Hamilton, a former resident of Winnipeg, Manitoba. The incident happened on Sunday in the Durand area, near Jackson Street West and MacNab Street South, downtown Hamilton.

Investigators said that a four-year-old boy was with his mother when an unknown female (Simithy Mansaray) approached them. That individual then allegedly hugged the boy and “proceeded to walk away with him in her arms”. She put the child back on the ground and left the area when the boy’s mother confronted her. The boy was uninjured. Simithy Mansaray, 37, of Hamilton, has been charged with attempted abduction of person under age of 14.

The media painted Simithy Mansaray a monster who was out there to abduct children - totally misleading and falsify. For those that personally know Simithy Mansaray in Winnipeg; she’s a lover of children. She would meet a child for the first time and starts interacting with that child as if she’s known this child forever. I made calls to Hamilton and enquiring about the abduction, all I got was “you know Simithy and the kids, she just wants to play with children and let them be happy”. And, that got her into this serious mess. I know for sure Simithy Mansaray as a woman who has worked in the daycare industry for over10yrs, she wouldn’t even abduct a cat, let alone a human being, a child. Hamilton police nor serious. Please dump this case, period!

Switching gears: SALNAM has announced the dates and venues for the general meeting, the kids Christmas party and the "End of Year" dinner and dance. The general meeting will take place on Sunday October 22, 2023, at 7:30pm on Zoom. The Kids Christmas Party will take place on Saturday December 16, 2023 at St. Mark's Place, 19 St. Mark's Place, Winnipeg, MB., starting at 4:00pm till 9:00pm.  The dinner & dance is scheduled to take place on Sunday December 31, 2023 at 200 Kenny Street, Winnipeg, MB.  

Next stop: Finally, the bomb drops! It drops on APC’s Dr. Samura Kamara on Thursday September 28, 2023, as political comedian Adebayor lost his own cool and started rain dropping “mami cuss” on Dr. Samura Kamara’s mom. Wow! The comedian asserted that Dr. Samura Kamara wanted to leave APC after all these turmoils and this is what he (Dr. Samura Kamara) will go with, lol. Salone nor to serious country, not at all. 

Question: Someone in the Sierra Leone community in Winnipeg, MB., is just wondering why SALNAM is dropping the community’s respect by hosting the prestigious “end of year” dinner & dance at 200 Kenny Street in Winnipeg? Lol. The individual is wondering why nit the hotels we used to host it. Nar learning process. 

Finally: Again, the weekend is here! Another Long Weekend in the country. I’ll be hosting the boys over for chill out at my basement.  

Fellas, if you plan to have some good time and get a drink, you know the rules, right? If you’re drinking, don’t drive – if you’re driving, don’t drink. Have a great weekend! Lonta.

I'm out of here!  

Cheers fellas!

The Golden Child.