Behind the Scenes with Lans Omar - October 21, 2023.

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From Winnipeg, Canada, respect to all my fam, fans, and friends!

The weekend vibes are here – latest update on Simithy Mansaray’s attempted abduction case, APC drops its soul at the dialogue meeting, 40 Acres Canada’s Suhood Komeh grills Kandeh Yumkella, Samura Kamara in the question of the day, plus lots more. You're about to read another neck-breaking edition of “Behind the Scenes". This column is the radical thoughts of one guy called Lans Omar aka the “Golden Child” - born and raised in Freetown, Sierra Leone.

Let's do this: Bringing you the latest on Simithy Mansaray’s attempted abduction case in Hamilton, Ontario; pretty much I couldn’t gather much more information than the news I had from the last time I reported this case. I was in Toronto last weekend, and I made several attempts to talk to Hamilton Police but no statement was released to me. The police wouldn’t give out any further information other than the news out there in the media outlets like CTV Toronto, The Hamilton Spectacular and the Global News. So far, Mansaray is out on bail and no news of any court appearances on CTV News or other outlets is available at the time of going to press. I also tried reaching out to Mansaray but to no avail. Stay tuned.

Switching gears: Hey fellas, if you’ve been following me on my social platforms or just simply reading this column, I’ve said it repeatedly that the APC parliamentary boycott, the EU election report, the Mohamed Konneh disaggregated data that he refused to release would not change a dime in the outcome of the 2023 presidential election results, I told you – nar boff case! Now, APC has dropped its soul and bite the dust by accepting to participate in parliament after a three-day dialogue with the government. Oona lef me. Again, all across the sub-Sahara Africa regions especially West Africa, presidential elections are always rigged. If you want to win an election, whether genuine or fake, all you need is an electoral commissioner who has the balls to announce you as president and find a priest to swear you in – case don, opponent oona go police.

Next stop: It’s a most read! Suhood Komeh is a versatile commentator and analyst on Sierra Leone politics, culture, and entertainment. The London, UK, based writer has been writing about Sierra Leone’s current affairs for almost a quarter of a century; arguably – the finest writer on Sierra Leone politics and interestingly he’s non-partisan and supports no political party in Sierra Leone. Earlier this week, Komeh grabs his pen and puts up something about a man he simply describes in his latest piece as a “sycophant” – Kandeh Yumkella. I’m not letting the cat out of the bag, you can check the article yourself in this week’s edition, it’s titled – “Kandeh Yumkella Shocks no One”. Caution: if you’re pro-Yumkella, please, please, DO NOT ATTEMPT TO READ THAT ARTICLE. Period!

Question: Just asking - is Samura Kamara mentally stable or the devil is working within him? This is a man that has a open penalty with no goal keeper at the post but instead he decided to tell the referees (EU/ECOWAS/US) that he doesn't want to score a winning goal and walk off the match. All Samura could've done is very simple - "I WANT TO SEE THE DISAGGREGATED RESULTS OF THE PRESIDENTIAL ELECTIONS". Game over. APC is as f**king useless as SLPP. I'm out of here.

Finally: Again, the weekend is here! Yard cleaning time and later head out to Abigail's restaurant to eat some African food, probably some Acheke. Not a big fan of African food lately but I'm craving some right now.  

Fellas, the weekend is here, no sure if there is any party in the community, let me know if there is anything going on – if you plan to have some good time and get a drink, you know the rules, right? If you’re drinking, don’t drive – if you’re driving, don’t drink. Have a great weekend! Lonta.

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The Golden Child.