Behind the Scenes with Lans Omar - June 22, 2024.

Hello everyone!
From Winnipeg, Canada, respect to all my fam, fans, and friends!
The weekend vibes are here: The Golden Child is back after three weeks of holidaying, community town hall with Dr. Richard Konteh in Winnipeg, SALNAM fundraising car wash coming up soon, the Tripartite crisis in Sierra Leone in the question of the day, plus lots more. You're about to read another neck-breaking edition of “Behind the Scenes". This column is the radical thoughts of one guy called Lans Omar aka the “Golden Child” - born and raised in Freetown, Sierra Leone.
Let's do this: Well, I’m back in the city after three weeks of holiday and cris-crossing the US and Canada. I went back home after 23yrs in Winnipeg, MB. I went to St. John’s, Newfoundland, my first port of entry and the first city I lived in Canada 25yrs ago. I lived in St. John’s, the oldest city in Canada, for two years and thereafter relocated to Winnipeg, MB.
Out there in St. John’s, the people are super friendly, arguably the nicest bunch of people not only in Canada but on the face of the earth. In St. John’s, the natives (not Native Indians) speak something called newfies, it’s English language spoken with some strong European accent and the people speak better and proper English than the rest of Canada. I was there with my wife, and we went to some many places including Cape Spear, the easternmost joint in North America. From that joint, if you have good eyes like mine, you’d be able to see parts of Russia, Europe, and North Africa across the Atlantic Ocean. It was a blast and I’m back. After that trip, I went on a solo trip to Minneapolis and I’m now ready for Behind the Scenes.
Switching gears: There will be a community town hall meeting with Dr. Richard Konteh in Winnipeg, Canada. The topic of discussion of the town hall meeting is tagged “Navigating Uncertain Times: Our shared unity, hope, and transformation for Sierra Leone. The event will take place on Sunday July 14, 2024 at 200 Kenny Street, Winnipeg, Canada, starting from 6:00PM to 10:00PM.

Konteh was a candidate for the leadership of the APC party ahead of the 2023 Sierra Leone presidential and parliamentary elections. He was one of several candidates contesting for the APC leadership. Konteh was campaigning under the platform of unity, hence nicknamed "D-Unifier". Be sure to attend this town hall meeting.

Next stop: The Sierra Leone Nationals Association of Manitoba (SALNAM) is having a fundraising car wash in the city. All you need to do is drive your vehicle to 1441 Henderson Highway at the Domo parking lot, Winnipeg, Canada, pay $5.00 or donate more, relax, and watch your vehicle get a proper wash by the pros. It’s on Saturday July 6, 2024, from 1:00PM to 6:00PM. You’re all welcome to the car wash.

Question: What the fuck is a tripartite? The last time I checked Funk & Wagnalls, the term tripartite describes something involving three parties or consisting of three parts. What or who are these three parties or things involved? Oona nor serious at all - all of you SLPP/APC/all of you guys, nor serious.

Finally: Again, the weekend is here! Not doing anything, I’m tired of flying and running around, I’ll be home at the back yard, chilling with Devin and Starman Alaska will be coming over too.

Fellas, my advice for the weekend – if you plan to have some good time and get a drink, you know the rules, right? If you’re drinking, don’t drive – if you’re driving, don’t drink. Have a great weekend! Lonta.
I'm out of here!
Cheers fellas!
The Golden Child.