Behind the Scenes with Lans Omar - January 20, 2024.

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From Winnipeg, Canada, respect to all my fam, fans, and friends!

The weekend vibes are here – Former President Ernest Bai Koroma departs Sierra Leone, SALNAM launches youth leadership capacity building program, Sierra Leonean Leone currency ranks the fourth weakest currency in the world, Kandeh Yumkella in the question of the day, plus lots more. You're about to read another neck-breaking edition of “Behind the Scenes". This column is the radical thoughts of one guy called Lans Omar aka the “Golden Child” - born and raised in Freetown, Sierra Leone.

Let's do this: Agreed or not, former President Ernest Bai Koroma is in big trouble! Koroma, who faces four counts of treason, misprision of treason, and harboring, is now battling the most embarrassing moment of his life with this alleged coup. Koroma is planning to run away from this by faking a serious medical condition, please. His legal team argues that an urgent medical attention abroad is necessary. Koroma’s lawyers have filed a formal request with the court to allow him to travel to Nigeria or somewhere for medical treatment – the request has been granted and he has left Sierra Leone forever, pretty much in self-exile for the rest of his life. Nar learning process.

Switching gears: The Sierra Leone Nationals Association of Manitoba (SALNAM) is launching a brand-new program designed to enable youths in the Sierra Leone community in Manitoba to acquire fundamental and knowledgeable skills in leadership, interpersonal and social connections. It’s designed for youths between the ages of 16 to 30. The program will commence in the beginning of February and possibly ends in mid-March. Young ladies and gentlemen, please go for it as you’ll receive a certificate of completion at the end of the program with an allowance of $50.00 dollars for participating. Well-done SALNAM!

Next stop: According to a recent Forbes magazine publication, the Sierra Leonean Leone currency ranks the fourth weakest currency in the world, mek ar run ba. The Sierra Leonean Leone, with 1 USD equals SLL 22,883.30, only beats the Laotian Kip, Vietnamese Dong and the Iranian Rial; this is not funny at all. Some of the reasons behind the weakness of the Leone currency are high inflation, economic weakness, heavy debt obligations plus widespread public and political corruption in high governmental ranks. Oona go learn.

Question: Just asking – where is the stateman, Kandeh Kolleh Yumkella amidst all this alleged attempted coup of November 26, 2023? Aren’t he supposed to be the “Jesus reincarnated” of Sierra Leone to salvage the country? The dude never said a single word. Kandeh Yumkella nar buff bad-man

Finally: Again, the weekend is here! It’s freezing cold outside and might not do any outdoor activity. I’m planning to jet out to Grand Forks later in the day today (Saturday) and return tomorrow. I wanna pick up some few blazers at JC Penny inside Columbia Mall; not too sure on that yet.

Fellas, again, like I always say this – if you plan to have some good time and get a drink, you know the rules, right? If you’re drinking, don’t drive – if you’re driving, don’t drink. Have a great weekend! Lonta.

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The Golden Child.