Behind the Scenes with Lans Omar - December 9, 2023.

Hello everyone!

From Winnipeg, Canada, greetings to all my fam, fans, and friends!

The weekend vibes are here – Ernest Bai Koroma under house arrest, Canada Paddle dropping the heat this weekend in Edmonton, 57 people arrested in connection with Failed Coup Attempt in Sierra Leone. Lahai Lawrence Leema in the question of the day, plus lots more. You're about to read another bone-cracking edition of “Behind the Scenes". This column is the radical thoughts of one guy called Lans Omar aka the “Golden Child” - born and raised in Freetown, Sierra Leone.

Let's do this: Former President of Sierra Leone Ernest Bai Koroma has been placed under house arrest, this means he’s in a state of being kept as a prisoner in his own house, rather than in a prison. He’s not allowed to get out of the perimeters of his own residence and the president is also confined in his house. De case done warm. The house arrest came after an extensive two-and-a-half-hour interrogation at the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) headquarters following the November 26, 2023, attempted failed coup in Sierra Leone.

According to reports flooding from the president’s office in Freetown, the former president was involved in the attempted failed coup plot and was whisked to the CID headquarters in Freetown and then thereafter placed under house arrest until the attempted failed coup investigations are over. Dis nor funny oh, former president under house arrest.

Switching gears: Tonight, Saturday December 9, 2023, all roads will be leading to the Wellington Community Hall at 13440 132nd Street in Edmonton, Canada, as Canada Paddle launches the Arie and playing with some of the biggest Awo men in the game. It’s the first time Canada Paddle is playing in Canada, the debut performance was in Texas earlier this year with Ashegba Emile Mammah spearheading the play.

I’ve been informed that there will be a cover charge for $20.00 at the gate and you’ll be witnessing one of Sierra Leone’s finest cultural display at its best this weekend. Inside the DJ booth will be DJ Kello, DJ Dave, DJ Brian from Winnipeg and DJ Ablux. MCs will be Fatima Bangura and Ozzy The God Father.

Next stop: So far, the official number is 57 people that have already been arrested in connection with Failed Coup attempt in Sierra Leone but the number is growing so fast. I believe it's over 100 people that have been arrested and others surrendered to the authorities.

Question: Just asking: Why is Lahai Lawrence Leema, Dr. Francis and JJ Saffa not interrogated and arrested for the failed attempted coup in Sierra Leone? Every single evidence has placed this trio right in the middle of the plot. SMH, Salone nor to serious country.

Finally: Again, the weekend is here! It's my wife's birthday! We are having a family dinner and chill out at Montana's on Regent. Not gonna stay calm at all for my wife's birthday.

Fellas, just so you know the Winnipeg Police is out there with the STOP-CHECK for impaired drivers on the road. Please be careful - if you're drinking, don't drive. If you're driving, don't drink. Lonta.

I'm out of here!

Cheers fellas!

The Golden Child.