Government to Demolish Beach Bars and Restaurants Along Lumley Beach

Aaron Parker, Freetown, Sierra Leone. December 8, 2023.

In a recent press release, the Ministry of Tourism and Cultural Affairs, in conjunction with the National Tourist Board, has declared their intention to undertake the demolition of various beach bars, restaurants, and similar establishments along the Lumley Beach. This action comes in response to multiple violations of the policy guidelines governing operations along the beach frontage.

The press release highlighted specific criteria that will guide the demolition process. Structures falling into several categories will be subject to removal, including those that obstruct the beachfront view entirely, lack access to the sandy beach, consist of makeshift, shanty, or substandard construction, and fail to align with tourism facility standards. Additionally, concrete, storey structures, and facilities constructing or emptying toilets directly onto the sandy beach are among those targeted for demolition.

Operators of establishments affected by these guidelines along the Lumley Beach Frontage have been advised to promptly remove structures falling within the identified categories. Compliance with the directives issued by the Ministry of Tourism and Cultural Affairs and the National Tourist Board is strongly urged to avoid the imminent demolition.

The Ministry and the Tourist Board emphasized their commitment to upholding regulations that preserve the aesthetic and functional integrity of the beachfront. The forthcoming exercise aims to enforce these standards and ensure that beachfront establishments align with established policies.

The timeline for the commencement of the demolition exercise was announced to be imminent. As the affected operators prepare for these changes, the Ministry and the Tourist Board assert the importance of adherence to regulations aimed at enhancing the tourist experience and maintaining the allure of Lumley Beach as a prime destination.

Lumley Beach, Freetown, Sierra Leone.