AbuBakarr Baxx Koroma Passes Away in Winnipeg, Canada

By Daniel Oldfield, Edmonton, Canada. June 8, 2024.

Winnipeg police are still investigating a 46-year-old man’s death on Sunday, June 2, 2024, as a homicide in Winnipeg, Canada. Officers were called to a report of a critically injured man in the 500 block of Furby Street at roughly 2:30 a.m.

Officers provided care until paramedics arrived. He was taken to hospital in unstable condition and later died from his injuries.

The victim has been identified as Abubakarr "Baxx" Koroma (pictured) from the Sierra Leone community in Winnipeg, Canada. Police are treating his death as a homicide.

Oh no, so sad to hear about the tragic demise of this promising young Sierra Leone-Canadian man who simply goes by the name BAXX.

As I always point out death is inevitable, when, where, and how remains with our Almighty God/Allah.

In this circumstance, my colleague David Mahdi Koroma posted on his social media page that he drove & dropped off the AbuBakarr hailed, healthy and hearty on the night of his death, but after just six hour, the guy was allegedly stabbed to death in a confrontation that happened at downtown Furby Street in Winnipeg, Canada.

This is so sad! For all that knew the late Abubakarr, he may have had plans to do things, meet family and friends back home in Sierra Leone but the Lord had different plans for him on that fateful day.

As people of God, Christians or Muslims, we cannot for any reason "QUESTION THE WILL OF GOD" rather we MUST GIVE THANKS NO MATTER THE CIRCUMSTANCE.

At this juncture, this forum extends our profound sympathy to the deceased family, SALNAM (the Sierra Leone Association in Manitoba, Canada) and all those connected with the deceased.

May the Almighty God/Allah grant his soul and those of the faithful departed eternal peace. Courtsey of David Mahdi Koroma (former President SALNAM).

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AbuBakarr Baxx Koroma