Asmaa James Resignes from Radio Democracy FM 98.1

By Daniel Oldfield, Edmonton, Canada. September 29, 2023.

Sierra Leoneans back home and within the diaspora, please join this forum in wishing our colleague Asmaa James best of luck in her new endeavor.

Asmaa James who's been a household name as Manager of RADIO DEMOCRACY 98.1FM, bade farewell to staff at the Station, where she was undoubtedly an iconic figure.

In what could be seen as a well organised farewell gathering, she lauded her now former staff, and assured them on her continued support whenever needed.

Now it's time for Asmaa James to move a step higher with her own media forum Rise RadioSl 96.3FM.
Go for the Gold dear, the Sky is your limit.

In her Facebook page, Asmaa James wrote:

"It was a final wrap-up for me today at Radio Democracy 98.1fm. It's an end to an era and the beginning of a new chapter.

The atmosphere was sombre with emotions and testimonies. I hear you, and thank you all.

To have led a battalion of young people in the last 15 years and to remain relevant in the media landscape has not been an easy task, and to say I am proud of myself is an understatement.

Thank you, Dr. Julius Spencer, for the opportunity you gave me  22 years ago. To the Board of Directors and members of the company, I thank you.  To all those who have supported my journey, I say thank you.
To my dear husband, Ambrose James, thank you for your unwavering support.

To all the staff, you and I know what we know. ( a nor de talk Boku ) Be rest assured of my continued support whenever I am called upon.

I leave with my head held right up and hand on my chest that I have left a legacy and staff with whom I am well pleased.

Over to Rise Radiosl 96.3 FM! I need a welcome party, ohhhh.

Over to a new chapter, Alhamdulillah" 

Asmaa James