APC - SLPP - Alusine en Alhassan, Same Cats

By Suhood Komeh, London, UK. October 19, 2023.
If the last elections in Sierra Leone are anything to go by, then participating in the electoral process is a nonsense, totally. The elections were officially a sham. No need to dwell on them here. The record is irrefutable and observers’ accounts are hidden in plain sight for those with a genuine interest.

After the elections, the APC boycotted their role in governance. Throughout that three or more months period, you’d think they had their wits about them. And that the action was a morally courageous one, to force a positive change, a serious institutional reform.

A central demand of theirs was for the Electoral Commission to prove it is not compromised as a government tool, by releasing disaggregated data on the elections. The Electoral Commission refused to do so because it knows, the election was a facade, a pre-concluded outcome for a president who appointed its head.

After three days of fake dialoguing with the government, the APC has just proved themselves to be no better than the SLPP by agreeing to return to government without their grievance addressed. Worse, they have dropped the faux moral cloak by asking that emoluments they were meant to have forfeited be paid in full. These fuckers!

So, to further expose their fraudulent abstention from duty, the government has promised to consider, without committing to pay them.

In the meantime, the APC is propagandising itself with the utter tosh, that Sierra Leone is the winner for their supine surrender.

This is a lie.
Absolutely not. Sierra Leone gains nothing if the APC or SLPP is in government. These hopeless talks of the past few days have just proven that. The SLPP and the APC are not rooted in any responsibility to the country but themselves and a desire to rule at all cost, with or without consent from the public. Nothing more.

Sadly, unfortunately, there’s little we can do about this wretched reality because these twenty or so people, have contemptuously seized the country with absolute control over us. And thanks to the malady that is tribalism, they have a fan base to call on at election time. Ensuring generations of young people will never reach their potential. As a consequence, the production of batches of thoughtless and unimaginative ‘leaders’ continues, and uninterrupted. It’s a cycle.

If the APC wanted a win for Sierra Leone, they would have stuck to their guns until their demands were met. That way, we know they are serious about restructuring the systems. They didn’t because they knew the bluff had gone too far and their pockets are hurting. In concluding the brinkmanship, they’ve just announced to their supporters who depended on them to be heard, to piss off. Samura Kamara and his mates have better things to do.

Sorry, Adebayor, you laboured for nothing!
(C) Rasta Rambles