VIP's CEO Ahmed H. Hashim Gets Recognition for Exceptional Service Delivery

By Abdul Hassan Fackie, Freetown, Sierra Leone. December 15, 2023.
The  Chief Executive Officer of the VIP Trading Company, Mr.  Ahmed H. Hashim, celebrated a significant win at the 6th annual awards ceremony of the Bai Bureh Heritage Foundation (BBHF), held on Saturday, December 9, 2023. 

The esteemed leader was bestowed with a prestigious national award for exceptional service delivery, a well-deserved recognition reflecting his outstanding performance.

This national honour serves as a testament to Hashim's commitment in fulfilling his contract with the Sierra Leonean government for the regular supply of rice to the Sierra Leone Police.

His efforts have not only won him the respect and admiration of many Sierra Leoneans but also established his company, VIP, as a reliable performer.

Known popularly as VIP, Hashim's reputation extends beyond his business acumen. He is renowned for his philanthropy and unwavering dedication to providing high-quality parboiled rice to the Sierra Leone Police. Since taking on the contract, Hashim has consistently delivered on his commitment, making a positive impact through timely and quality rice supplies to the department.

His exceptional service has sparked interest from other sectors too. 

Several members of the country's correctional services have urged their management and government to consider contracting VIP for their monthly rice supply needs. Other institutions are also discreetly advocating for a review of their rice contracts in favour of VIP.

VIP has not only maintained a regular supply of rice since taking on the Police contract but has also improved the quality of the product. The company now delivers high-grade parboiled rice to all ranks of the Police Force, garnering much appreciation from all involved.

The recognition from the Bai Bureh Foundation Service  therefore comes as no surprise. Hashim's ability to deliver, which is unparalleled in the sector, has significantly contributed to his growing popularity.

The Bai Bureh Service Delivery Awards is an esteemed platform that recognizes individuals and organizations committed to exceptional service delivery across various sectors. 

The champions recognized by these awards have made substantial contributions to Sierra Leone's journey to become a better nation, of which Hashim has been described as a champion.

Ahmed H. Hashim