Afro Arts Productions - Honours for Outstanding Contributions 2023 reschedules to November 24, 2023

London, UK. September 30, 2023.
Today is 30th September 2023. All things as planned, we would have been putting the final touches, pulling culminating threads to another edition of the Honours for Outstanding Contributions Show. And, assured by new ideas, we were looking forward to it too. Until the cruelest bereavement struck - our close friend and colleague, Buhari Bello died. We were devastated.

Out of respect for his life and memory, we had to make the difficult decision of postponing the event. Which of course, incurred us substantial losses and rendered to waste a lot of publicity material.

Important for you to know, we have no regrets. In our view, mourning and selling tickets would have been grossly insensitive and disrespectful.

The truth is, Bello meant too much to us to stain his memory with a show immediately after his death.

Time heals, the saying goes. Nearly two months later, we have come to accept the ever-relevant dictates of moving on after a misfortune.

We are now transitioning to the reality that the show must go on, and the living must live.

Within that taking, as of today, we are beginning to advertise the Honours for Outstanding Contributions 2023 with a new zeal, satisfied we have paid sufficient homage to our late friend.

The new date, which some of you may have seen is, Friday 24th November 2023. All other details and terms including our commitment to a first class production, remain unchanged.

We look forward to hosting you!