Afro Arts Productions Conclude Honours for Outstanding Contributions 2023 in Grand Style

London, UK. December 1, 2023.
It has been an eventful year for us, almost unnecessary to rehash. Unfortunate circumstances that added challenges, radiating almost all aspects of what we do. Luckily, despite that, so fortifying is the core of support for Afro Arts Productions, failing to deliver was not an option, even if not optimal.

We are proud to report that Honours for Outstanding Contributions 2023, like its predecessors, was a success. A remarkable achievement, as far as we are concerned.

On behalf of the trustees and chairman, we want to thank every single person who attended the event, looking stylish and fresh. Honours for Outstanding Contributions is conceived with you all in mind.

The event is impossible without those who dedicate resources - moral, financial and otherwise, at our disposal. That list of people is incredibly reliable, yet endless - indicating the level of backing we enjoy. Here are a few:
We are grateful to this year’s Grand Chief Patron, the Sierra Leonean business man and diplomat, Dr Adonis Aboud. A man who flies into the United Kingdom on each occasion we have invited him. He epitomises representation, honour and dedication.

A special debt of gratitude is owed the family of the late great, Komrabai Peter Penfold, former British High Commissioner to Sierra Leone.

We are immensely grateful to the footballing icon, Mr Atto Mensah. If there is a better gentleman with more humility, we will love to see them. Thank you legend, for gracing our event.

We want to thank Mr Abu Mansaray for quietly being an unbreakable spine of support.

We are thankful to Mr & Mrs Sahid Jaffa Kamara. Their unwavering loyalty and support is our repository of inspiration.

A big debt of gratitude is owed the businesswoman and activist, Mrs Sarian Kamara. She exemplifies the idea of a community like few can. We love her dearly for the support, too numerous to mention.

We are grateful to our Fifth Beatle, Miss Alice Adama Caulker. She’s the quiet organiser, unsung and positively publicity-shy. We are below full without her commitment and support.

We are incredibly appreciative of the humanitarian par excellence, Mrs Faith Okrafo-Smart. Thanks to her, the scope of honourees for the Honours for Outstanding Contributions is beyond even our wildest imaginations. We cannot thank her enough.

We want to thank Mrs Ise Wurie-Stevens for her incomparable nous in publicity. She promotes the event like she lives for it - measure of her belief in us. We thank her, profusely.

We are thankful to Miss Rita Hyjazi for her support. She has always been someone we can count on from the very humble beginnings of Afro Arts Productions. She’s still with us!

We want to thank the recipients, the incredibly beautiful, Rakie Ayola, Professor Richmond Garrick, Dr Kingsley Lington Ighobor, the amazing Triple A, the talent that is Afize Mohamed, the industrious Rugie Wurie-Lamin, the Queen of London, Mrs Khadie Moses, and of course, the pioneering actor, Colin Archie-Pearce. These people inspire us with their dedication to duty, ensuring our country’s name is mentioned in grace.

We are grateful to our presenters, Miss Petrina Kamara and Mrs Kadi Sannoh-Harris for a most stellar job.

We are indebted to the artists on the night, The legendary Abdul Tee Jay, the mesmerising Sugar Lulu and the young bundle of talent, Omarr.
Finally, and once more, we want to thank all those who attended the show. That they always come, is all the gratitude we want for our effort in producing the event, year on year.

The next edition of Honours for Outstanding Contribution is on Saturday 28th September 2024. We do hope to reconvene with you all again.